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I have been practicing with some success the faculty of Magick starting just before my 16th years 1990. If I have done anything that would bring
value to the student it is that I stuck diligently to the practice throughout the past 28 years, with very few breaks in-between.
This includes the practice of daily ritual and the rigorous development of what would be called “Magickal” powers.
Among those are healing myself and others of disease, perceiving the auric fields of light around people and the geomagnetic fields found in nature, seeing into future events through dream work, witness to fantastic revelations in visions of light, experiencing and manipulating the astral light (which in our school will be shown to have a scientific basis), empowering crystals, sigals and other objects, divining current and future circumstances, manifesting desires into reality, purifying and creating incredible change in personality, experiencing psychokinetic influences and some exploration into remote viewing and clairaudience. Along with these I have explored countless suggestions, ritual work and ideas concerning astral travel, the use of tarot, kabbalah and the dynamic movement of energies. What I have discovered is there is a definite increase in one’s psyche and it’s ability to develop extra-sensory powers of perception and the ability to engage and manifest through intention (as some call it attraction). This is the central concept in Transpersonal Magick, the development of these skills through the very furnace of practice and the refiners fire of fantastic new systems of belief. Unlike other Mystery Schools our practices will be focused on actually developing these psi abilities and learning to manifest reality as masters of our own house and not the pawns of chance and fate.

As a note please let it be understood that this is a school and not a pulpit for debate and opinion. I am the first to admit to a very sharp turn from what would be expected from most Mystery Schools and for this I give more a smirk of approval as opposed to an argument of lacking tradition. I am first and foremost a practicing magician and on a very consistent basis manifest or as they say “wield” Magick through the appearance of that which was not into that which is. I do this through my own personal development, several businesses and projects, partnerships and in an occult arena the many planes and “gifts of the spirit” as they have been revealed to me over the years. The use of the most current scientific concepts are not an attempt to create a new format for practice, but is of the tradition of what real Magick should be founded upon. We MUST know what is currently measurable and known so that we have the means to move beyond with sure footing.

Notes on the Magical Occult Roots in the Western Traditions

I have been working on developing this school for over a decade and have volumes of raw material, practices, ritual and draw many concepts developed from my own journals, grimoires and compendiums. Since I first embarked on this journey I have poured through hundreds of books on the subject covering everything from Eliphas Levi, Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, James Eshelman, Paul Foster Case and BOTA plus the works under many names of William Walker Atkinson and even some of the radial concepts found in the works of Henry Cornelius Agrippa. Drawing from Hebrew mysticism through the kabbalistic writings of Aryeh Kaplan, David Chaim Smith and the historical accounts from the Dead Sea Scroll and early Merkava mysteries as developed by Rachel Elinor the school includes very pure originating elements as well. The cosmology and mythical elements in the dynamic ritual settings most align with the new Aeon of Horus as you will find among Thelemites of today. Although this is the case, I have advanced in my own methods and have incorporated the most recent discoveries in quantum theory and bio-physics as well as the very latest in consciousness research and geomagnetic field theory. This is not a traditional Thelemic school although I would consider it an advancement into the age of Horus the crowned and conquering child as best revealed through their literature.

Tarot and Ritual Magick

I have studied extensively into many different faucets of the mystical universe and one area I have spent hundreds of hours exploring is the Tarot. I began some of my earliest teachings to others in occult bookshops on the Tarot as early as 1995 and besides reading cards for over 500 people throughout the years in open markets and street festivals I have constantly explored the Tarot through meditation and ritual. Drawing from over a dozen sources including the works of Aleister Crowley, Lon Milo DuQuette, Phyllis Seckler, Robert Wang, Paul Foster Case, Ann Davis, Irene Gad, Ronald Decker Israel Regardie, the many Jungian works on the subject and several others I started on an in-depth journey to master the cards. I have spent countless hours in divination, scrying, studying the alchemical Tarot wheel (ROTA) and exploring their forces through ritual empowerment. I have developed an entire new set of rituals that involve both astrology and the Tarot in a much more extensive format than I have seen yet available. These ritual instructions will be available when the school launches in 2019.

Transpersonal Psychology and Jungian Themes

Many magicians have worked to reconcile the many studies of psychology, especially those of Carl Jung and Robert Assagioli, into magickal practice and ritual. Although a seemingly easy task at first I found these bedfellows to be not only groundbreaking and complimentary but for this school a full integration of theory and practice was needed. This turned from a fascination and deep research project into thousands of pages and volumes of work into a very meticulous and almost painful reconciliation process validated only through careful experimentation.

Inspired by the attempts of Robert Wang and Israel Regardie to frame the works of modern psychology into the occult practices I worked to truly understand the relationship. What I have discovered, incorporated and continue to develop is not what Regardie termed as “a preliminary to Magick” but much more a dynamic incorporated framework for modern empowerment and practice. Integrated the new sciences of mind as they were developed answer many a mystery and open previously locked doors into the realms of magickal practice. This has required the rigorous research of most all of Jung’s work as well as most of what I was able to find on Transpersonal Psychology.

Bio-physics and Consciousness Research

One of the most significant turns of events in the practice of Magick as incorporated into this school is the work of several contributing quantum theorist and physicists. Physicists Fritz-Albert Popp, Karl Pribram, Joseph Boehm, Francisco Di Biase, Brian Green, the stem cell biologists Bruce Lipton and Robert Lanza and the many contributors to the Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research aided to the schools theories immensely. Quite literally thousands of hours have passed in the research and incorporation of these studies into the ritual chamber in a passionate mission to incorporate them into the most current of Magickal theory and practice. Not only has the ritual work from this perspective evolved but it has brought about very surprising and empowering results I would have never expected. For example the incredible discovery of geomagnetic field Schumann Resonance as it pertains in our school and the theories of the Shekina/Nuit/Astral Light/Body of Light are quite surprising. Through clear vision and use of this field of electromagnetic force coupled with extra sensory practices in dreaming the future, psychokinesis, scrying, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and distance healing just to name a few your effects are found soundly within the discoveries of current scientific experimentation. This is just one of the many correlations that will be offered as opportunities for experimentation to the student of Transpersonal Magick.

Gods, Demons, Goetia and Holy Guardian Angels

Although we are not a religion, we are a school for developing abilities, if we had a foundation in belief it would be closest to Scientific Pantheism Symbolic Paganism and Agnostic Atheism ( Here we take a very real step away from the older versions of what would be considered magickal practice. The utter nonsense that has been mixed in with incredible subtlety of truth concerning the worship of “REAL” gods, raising and controlling demons, or mating with some holy guardian angel has absolutely no place in Transpersonal Magick. That does not mean that one that joins the school is forbidden from doing any one thing or another or that these practices do not have positive empowering effects. In personal practice any student is welcome to completely and totally explore whatever faucet of the universe as they will, openly discuss these experiences and have no negative action or judgement against them. But in the curriculum itself contacting entities, controlling them, work in the triangle of art, or in all respects inviting what could be considered an outside separate consciousness to en-live or posses the magician has no place in our system. In others systems there have been statements that “Sometimes it serves to see them as separate sometimes it serves to see them as aspects of self” We draw a very distinct line. To believe that there are outside forces that are invisible and conscious that may serve or harm the magician as understood through the academy of modern psychology is an exaggeration of the unconscious going out of the control of the Magus. These ideologies have been shown in some cases to even lead one’s unconscious gaining control and can lead to disturbances that manifest in the mind and environment of the Magus.

This does not mean that myth and the incredible power it has on the passionate pursuit of the art of Magick does not have it’s place. On the contrary in Transpersonal Magick empowerment through connecting with myth, the gods, godly aspects and cultivating a healthy vibrant imagination is still as it has always been a master key to the work. But it is important in my opinion and through the teachings of the school that science as it has been measured and the path of Transpersonal self empowerment has no place for identifying with illusions, but follow more of what the Jungian school of thought referred to as amplification. For example to invoke the strength of ARIES or the swift intelligence of HERMES, the radical unity of Kether as the world of Atziluth/Yod in the Tetragrammaton, Eheieh, the I AM, as the crown of force are all powerful triggering methods to quicken the magicians developing skills. But the idea that these “Gods” are real in the sense of “Reality” is not. As it is seen in the school to consider these incredible gifts, powers, abilities and the ability of the magician to create a strain on the astral thereby changing nature itself as something given or bestowed instead of something deeply natural within removes the truth of said occult powers at their source. It’s much more invigorating, real and encouraging as you develop to know this is simply the very nature of what it is to be human. You are doing these things, no one need bestow this right.

Our system draws much from the Thelemic cosmology and as controversial as it may be, we have a lot of respect for the work that was done by Crowley and his school of thought. We do have many important differences. We do not worship in the New Aeon through the all so famous “Book of the Law” and we do not advocate that there is some HGA trying to mate with the inner most sanctum of your mind. There most certainly is what would be evidenced as an inner voice, higher self, inner genius or total psyche that is a superior self or transpersonal self that guides and is more YOU than your conscious mind alone. But it is your voice, your inner healer, higher mind, greater truth the very transpersonal self of your most primal nature. The idea that there is some entity assigned to you directly that is waiting to have some cosmic union with you is utter nonsense. There very well may be entities that are of a higher nature that come into the lives of a few, but there is most certainly not one following you around just waiting for a chance to show you some insight. We are first and foremost seekers in the “methods of science” as magicians, even if not seen this way by the regular world and the limited view of what science as a discipline is viewed. We should make it our measure to use the most current and accurate scientific methods available to us so that we may embark beyond it with sure footing. Thus stated we look at invocation, myth and the stimulation of our imaginations in a very similar way that Carl Jung did. It’s most certain that we have a collective unconsciousness that gives birth to these even from the start of our race. The wellspring of unconscious content reveals such richness as we uncover it’s secrets, but in the end we stand apart from the potential dangers of identifying with potential dangerous exaggerations that could very well lead one into madness. They say that madness and genius are related. Related as they are we teach that our Magick in our school is here to strengthen and empower you, not as Carl Sagen put it in the Demon haunted World” “For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.”

Magick vrs Mystical Path Development

Although both methods of Magick and Mystic Psychology are engaged, the school is very much focused on the methods of Magick towards the ends and means that Magick entails. Sitting around at a coffee shop with a pile of occult books drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and writing the occasional poem is not Magick. At least not in the extra-ordinary sense. Nor is spending time in deep meditation and having mystical visions, although these are included in the curriculum of the school and highly important for the healthy advancement of the aspirant. Yes, you can say that there are subtle changes that are made to your consciousness when you are deep in meditation and to the definition of “Causing change to occur with conformity of will” you can say it was a Magickal act. But this is still to small a measure to count in a practicing magicians satisfaction of manifest truth. Magick is “active” or “actionable” and requires total alignment with forces towards an end or result. In preparation there are incredibly good reasons to be versed in the “framework” of your mind and that which balances your being. Meditation, scrying in visions to retrieve hidden meaning/information, studying and internalizing principles from kabbalah, tarot and other systems and all these more mystical actives are incredibly important. In the end Magick is an action where, as a force of nature, you manifest change and for the most part, beyond the ordinary sense of the word.

Advancing through Grades - Not a part of our school

I’ve been on enough A.A. and GD based messing boards in social to see that my initial reaction to this kind of advancement was well founded. Seeing those that have achieved higher grades complain about their probationary students below them as if somehow they were superior and further advanced simple because they were 5=6 and those below 6=5 is far too an over simplification of advancement and creates uneven perspective. I will mention that attending our school is in my opinion very complimentary to other traditional occult studies, and practices and would work well enough with little disruption if for chance you were a current student of the A.A. I have poured through the material of James Eshelman, David Shoemaker, the Golden Dawn and have taken much from their teachings. Unlike the rise in grades we focus much more on actual development of abilities although we use much of the same framework.

The use of kaballistic grades of advancement from Malkuth to Kether with the idea of facing two crisises along the way of the HGA (Tipareth) and then the Abyss (moving through DAATH to Binah) and completely annihilating the ego OR risking insanity through a failed submission in my opinion has created an imbalance in the potential growth cycle for many. There are those that would have possibly developed more naturally in other ways and the idea of heading towards an immanent impending threat of potential doom in my opinion isn't the healthiest of goals. There is most certainly a crisis of personality and a crisis of identity that most “enlightened” individuals do experience, but when, why and how overall is a bigger mystery than can be measured on any kind of a graded scale.

The entire idea of raising in the grades is taken out of our system all together. In my opinion it really isn’t even that useful when you are looking at the overall picture of magickal work. In our system, for example in the use of the kaballah, we talk about the sepheroth, path work and how they can be used to greatly enhance concentrated activities, creative work, deep meditation, psi abilities and overall success in uncovering occult truths. Instead of isolating the work to one particular sepheria, we consider the whole of the tree of life as a set of tools that are not gained one at a time through the rising of said grades, but as a holistic diagram using all of the properties differently at different times to increase our abilities and awareness. And atop this we do not look at the diagram as completely and totally central as other schools. Reconciliation to the Jungian model of consciousness, the transpersonal egg theory and other systems as they have been discovered also play a very large part in our understanding of our total selves. I have spent countless hours reconciling these systems to make them useful in the advancement of students. The methods that lead to results that can actually be called Magickal acts vary person to person and advancement is based on actual real change and conditioned results that can be measured through our perceptions.

Tantra and Raja Yoga

The eastern practices of meditation and energy cultivation, as recognized by most modern day magicians, are extremely complimentary to Magick. Raja Yoga (Mental Development) and Tantra Yoga (Sexual and Spiritual Intoxication and Ecstasy | being fully Embodied) are especially complimentary in nature. Like much of what Crowley incorporated breath work and Asana in their simplest forms are included but we will be fully exploring the arena of Tantra and Raja Yoga development. Although there are may references to Sexual Magick available for study, the deep meaningful life fulfilling teachings of Tantra as it is taught in the East as a way of life is much more beneficial to the Magus.

Tantra is life and much of what the master OSHO has taught, being a Tantric Yoga teacher and one I have studied deeply, I have incorporated a much more eastern approach into the schools curriculum. Sexual practices in the west have been unnecessarily indoctrinated with demonic themes and dark concepts that are really the shadowy remnants of cultural superstitions and have corrupted the innocence of the practice. Taking a purely eastern view on sexual empowerment and the sexual energies as life giving and a means to fulfillment and happiness will in turn supercharge your Magickal development. I find working from an eastern perspective and mind set has even been more fulfilling when working through the Thelemic cosmology of Nuit and Hadit in sexual union and ritual work.

(School in development for over a decade. A new paradigm in light of the age of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child.)

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